The official

             Tor Talle



          Tor is a Norwegian guitarplayer/songwriter best known for

           the Northern light project, Memoria Avenue, Skyscraper and working with

Joe Lynn Turner (Deep purple, Rainbow)

Fergie Frederiksen (Toto)

Rob Moratti (Saga)

Steve Overland (Fm)

Tony Mills (Tnt, Shy)

 Bruce Gaitsch (Madonna, Chicago, Peter Cetera, Richard Marx)

Mick Devine ( Seven)

Jørn Lande

Peter Sundell

Michael Erlandsson

Mike Andersson

Eva Weel Skram

Tone Damli

Åshild Mundal


Tor has also written music for National tv, commercials, webmovies and documentary. During the last years Tor has worked as a session guitarist/songwriter and he is available to work on project for your band/artist.





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